Art Glass

Reflection free clarity and protection

Artglass™ by GroGlass sets a new industry standard in framing glass. State-of-the-art technology allows Artglass™ to have the lowest visible light reflection, precisely tuned for unparalleled clarity and color correctness.

Artglass™ is ideal for framing graphics, watercolors, and photographs; as well as ultra-transparent displays for three-dimensional works of art, archival documents, collectibles and other valuables.

A magnetron-sputtered, anti-reflective coating virtually eliminates all reflections of visible light, making Artglass™ appear invisible and providing an unobstructed view of valuable objects displayed behind glass.

Artglass™ coating is manufactured using an advanced magnetron vacuum sputtering process to deposit a molecular film less than a micron thick. Originally developed for aerospace applications, this environmentally-friendly, highly technical process guarantees unparalleled cleanability, uniformity, durability and quality of the product.

Designed especially for the art-display industry, it incorporates several significant features:

  • Reflection free
  • Neutral reflected color
  • True color transparency and superior clarity of image
  • Several levels of UV protection—70%, 92% and up to 100%
  • Highest coating durability, suited for outdoor applications
  • Easy to clean


Artglass™ is based on an optical thin layer system, which works on the interference effect. Contaminations on it, such as fingerprints, disturb its optical benefit and appearance much more than that of regular glass. In the event of contamination, we recommend the following cleaning method:

What to use

  • Synthetic microfiber wipe without any chemical softener
  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Household glass cleaner without ammonia and low content of tenside in a spray bottle
  • Clean, dry hands; we recommend powder-free, one-way gloves

How to clean your Artglass™

  • Clean glass from top down to avoid cleaning agents drying on the glass
  • Moisten the cleaning wipe by lightly spraying with the glass cleaner.
  • Begin cleaning your Artglass™ by wiping from the center of the glass to the edges.
  • Using a dry section of the cleaning wipe, polish the remaining streaks or stains with a rotating motion.
  • Any contamination on Artglass™  (i.e. saliva spots, fingerprints, etc.) should be removed from the glass surface immediately.

Special notes

  • Do not wash the cleaning wipe with a chemical softener.
  • Do not scratch the glass surface with metallic or ceramic tools (steel wool, cutter, etc.)
  • Do not polish the glass using abrasive materials (glass ceramic cleaner, etc.)
  • Do not allow dirt and residue to remain on glass for an extended period of time
  • Only use glass cleaner that is pH-neutral (pH7) (i.e. no lyes, no acids)
  • Do not use regular kitchen paper towels, as they might produce scratches on the coating.
  • Do not apply substances that “promise” to improve surface quality i.e. silicon spray.

The result

  • Long term satisfaction with your high-quality Artglass™


Art Glass Brochure

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