Sales Policy


Triple Touch Moulding LTD. will sell to active picture framing wholesalers and retail stores.

To qualify you must:

  1. Operate full time as a complete retail or wholesale business
  2. Have regular business hours
  3. Have a local business license


  1. New customers will be required to pay C.O.D.  Unless credit is pre-approved.
  2. For credit-approved customers with net 30 days term, a 2% discount is allowed on any payments received within 10 days of invoice date.
  3. For your convenience, we accept Visa or Mastercard for C.O.D. purchases.  If you choose to pay by Visa or Mastercard, please have your credit card ready when placing your order. Also, please remember that credit card orders do not qualify for cash discounts.
  4. For any overdue accounts, 2% interest will be charged per month.
  5. Customers with an overdue account, 60 days +, will be subject to C.O.D. basis without prior notice.
  6. For any N.S.F. Cheques, a $35 service charge will be charged to your account.  If 2 or more N.S.F. cheques have been received, all future orders must be paid by certified cheque or Visa.


  1. To ensure accuracy and efficiency, please quote your company name, address, account number, product number and brief description when placing an order.
  2. To ensure timely delivery, please make certain you provide our staff with enough time to complete your order before your scheduled delivery date.
  3. Any rush orders MUST be placed by 1:00pm on the day before your next delivery date. Any orders received after 4:30 pm will be shipped by courier with shipping charges being applied to your next delivery date.


  1. Minimum footage for moulding is 8 feet.  We will give 6 inches allowance for defective moulding.
  2. Orders less than $50.00 will be subject to a $5.00 handling fee
  3. Orders for pick up MUST be a minimum of $30.00


  1. Customers are required to inspect their goods when received. We take care in packaging your orders however occasionally, material can be damaged in shipment. If any goods are damaged by our truck, please notify us within 48 HOURS. Damaged items will be replaced only.
  2. Triple Touch Moulding LTD. will not be responsible for any damages by a courier or transportation company. Claims for damaged merchandise should be directed to the courier or transportation company.


  1. Triple Touch Moulding LTD. must be notified before any purchases are returned. Purchased goods can only be returned with prior authorization.


  1. Orders with any dollar amount will be shipped by common carrier for customers not on our regular delivery schedule. All orders outside of Ontario or in Ontario will be shipped F.O.B
  2. Courier services – on request, we will arrange the services of the courier of your choice, subject to their terms and limitations. You, the customer, are responsible for all charges in this case.
  3. Shipping by courier entails the following specifications:
    1. A package is considered oversize when it measures 84 inches (length plus girth) or over, additional charges may apply.
    2. Couriers will not ship packages over 70 lbs. or over 72 inches in length.
  4. Our goal is to ship your delivery in the most efficient and economical way possible. There will be a fuel charge applied to your order on our truck deliveries.
  5. For our International and US customers. All customs fees and shipping charges to be paid for by the purchaser.


  1. Some moulding finishes and grains may vary from time to time because of the natural state of the wood.
  2. Also, some paint colours may vary or change. We will not replace frames or moulding for minor variations.
  3. Customers cannot claim for exchange or return due to the reasons stated above.
  4. Triple Touch Moulding LTD. reserves the right to discontinue items without prior notice.


All precautions are taken to prevent inaccuracies but mechanical or human error is always a possibility. Triple Touch Moulding LTD. does not accept liability for typographical errors.


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  • Sales Reps:

    Terry Gula
    Extension 43
    Sales Area: Chatham to Mississauga, north to Owen Sound

    Shael Borlack
    Extension 41
    Sales Area: Toronto to Peterborough, north to Orillia

    *All other areas handled by our in house sales staff