Regular Foamboard

SKU Description SKU Description
FM1001 1/8 32×40 White FM1001C 1/8 32×40 White (case)
FM1002 1/8 40×60 White FM1002C 1/8 40×60 White (case)
FM1003 3/16 32×40 White FM1003C 3/16 32×40 White (case)
FM1004 3/16 40×60 White FM1004C 3/16 40×60 White (case)
FM1005 3/16 48×96 White FM1005C 3/16 48×96 White (case)
FM1007 3/16 32×40 Black FM1007C 3/16 32×40 Black (case)

Acid Free Foamboard

SKU Description SKU Description
FM2001 3/16 32×40 White FM2001C 3/16 32×40 White (case)
FM2002 3/16 40×60 White FM2002C 3/16 40×60 White (case)
FM2003 3/16 48×96 White FM2003C 3/16 48×96 White (case)
FM2004 1/8 32×40 White FM2004C 1/8 32×40 White (case)
FM2005 1/8 40×60 White FM2005C 1/8 40×60 White (case)

Photo Mountboard

SKU Description SKU Description
FM5003 Quickstick 32×40 FM5003C Quickstick 32×40 (case)
FM5004 Quickstick 40×60 FM5004C Quickstick 40×60 (case)
FM5005 Heat Activated 32×40 FM5005C Heat Activated 32×40 (case)
FM5006 Heat Activated 40×60 FM5006C Heat Activated 40×60 (case)

Pre Washed Glass

SKU Description SKU Description
GLP0810 Pre Washed Glass 8×10 (90 Lites) GLP1114 Pre Washed Glass 11×14 (47 Lites)
GLP1216 Pre Washed Glass 12×16 (38 Lites) GLP1418 Pre Washed Glass 14×18 (29 Lites)
GLP1620 Pre Washed Glass 16×20 (23 Lites) GLP1824 Pre Washed Glass 18×24 (17 Lites)
GLP2024 Pre Washed Glass 20×24 (15 Lites) GLP2228 Pre Washed Glass 22×28 (12 Lites)
GLP2430 Pre Washed Glass 24×30 (10 Lites) GLP2436 Pre Washed Glass 24×36 (8 Lites)
GLP2836 Pre Washed Glass 28×36 (7 Lites) GLP3240 Pre Washed Glass 32×40 (6 Lites)
GLP3648 Pre Washed Glass 36×48 (4 Lites) GLP4060 Pre Washed Glass 40×60 (3 Lites)

Non Glare Glass

SKU Description SKU Description
GLN1620 Non-Glare Glass 16×20 (23 Lites) GLN2430 Non-Glare Glass 24×30 (10 Lites)
GLN2436 Non-Glare Glass 24×36 (8 Lites) GLN3240 Non-Glare Glass 32×40 (6 Lites)
GLN3648 Non-Glare Glass 36×48 (4 Lites)

UV Glass and Art Glass

SKU Description SKU Description
GLUV2430 UV Clear 24×30 (10 Lites) GLUV2436 UV Clear 24×36 (8 Lites)
GLUV3240 UV Clear 32×40 (6 Lites) GLUV3648 UV Clear 36×48 (4 Lites)
GSA2436 Art Glass 24×36 (6 Lites) GSA3240 Art Glass 32×40 (4 Lites)
GSA3648 Art Glass 36×48 (3 Lites)

*We also supply Plexi-Glass and Mirror. Please call in for pricing.

SKU Description SKU Description
SUSW4400 Wallbuddies Small (25 per pack) Bulk SUW3300 Wallbuddies Large (25 per pack) Bulk

SKU Description SKU Description
SU1401 1/8″ Canvas Offset SU1402 1/4″ Canvas Offset
SU1403 3/8″ Canvas Offset SU1404 1/2″ Canvas Offset

SKU Description SKU Description
SU0101 30×60 Bundle 20 pcs. (1 white side) SU0102 40×60 Bundle 20 pcs. (1 white side)
SU0103 36×72 Bundle 20 pcs. (1 white side) SU0104 32×40 Bundle 20 pcs. (1 white side)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU303 5×7 5×7 Easel SU303 8×10 8×10 Easel
SU303 11×14 11×14 Easel

SKU Description SKU Description
SUF0200 Framemaster Point Driver SUF0202 Framers Points (Hard)

SKU Description SKU Description
SUF0201 Fleximaster Point Driver SUF0203 Fleximaster Points

SKU Description SKU Description
SUF05-012 Mat Blades .012 SUF05-015 Mat Blades .015
SUF539 Mat Blades M3000 (10p/tube) 05-001 SUF540 Mat Blades M3000 (100/box) 05-003
SU538 Single Edge Razor .015 (box) SUFA Blade Future, Astra Blades (set of 100)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU0602 Framer’s Glue White 4L SU0603 Mounting Glue 4L

SKU Description SKU Description
SU1102 Single Hole D-Ring (100/pkg) SU1103 Narrow 2 Hole D-Ring (100/pkg)
SU1109 Wide 2 Hole D-Ring (100/pkg) SU1104 D-Ring Screws (100/pkg)
SU1100B Single Hole D-Ring (1000/box)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU1601 2 Hole Steel Hanger (50 pcs) SU1602 4 Hole Steel Hanger (50 pcs)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU1101 Sawtooth Hangers (100/pkg) SU1110STNL Sawtooth 2″ (100/pkg)
SU1110STNL-B Sawtooth 2″ (1000/box)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU1105 Security Hanger – Wood SU1106 Security Hanger – Metal
SU1107 Security Hanger Wrench

SKU Description
SU1108 Picture Hangers (100/pkg) SU1110K Foam & Backing Hanger (100/pkg)
SU1110-422-18 Aluminum Bracket (Set of 2)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU0701 Metal Hardware/Single Set SU0702 Single Set (100 pkgs)
SU0703 Bulk Hardware (100 frames)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU0301 DD60 Brown – 36″ 600 ft. SU0302 DD40 Brown – 36″ 900 ft.
SU0304 DD40 Brown – 24″ Roll SU0305 DD50 Black – 36″ Roll

SKU Description SKU Description
SU0401 Small Corners (100/pkg) SU0403 Large Corners (100/pkg)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU1002 #2 – 450 Meters – 50 lb Test (Regular Wire) SU1003 #3 – 325 Meters – 68 lb Test (Regular Wire)
SU1004 #4 – 275 Meters – 85 lb Test (Regular Wire) SU1005 #5 – 225 Meters – 102 lb Test (Regular Wire)
SU1006 #6 – 200 Meters – 119 lb Test (Regular Wire) SU1008 #8 – 150 Meters – 145 lb Test (Regular Wire)
SUFPC-2 15 lb Test – 1500 ft. (Soft Strand) SUFPC-3 20 lb Test – 1125 ft. (Soft Strand)
SUFPC-4 25 lb Test – 850 ft. (Soft Strand) SUFPC-5 43 lb Test – 750 ft. (Soft Strand)
SUFPC-6 60 lb Test – 625 ft. (Soft Strand) SUFPC-8 100 lb Test – 500 ft. (Soft Strand)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU701 Nail Hole Filler – Gold SU702 Nail Hole Filler – Dark Gold
SU703 Nail Hole Filler – Walnut SU704 Nail Hole Filler – Dark Walnut
SU705 Nail Hole Filler – Silver SU706 Nail Hole Filler – White
SU707 Nail Hole Filler – Black SU708 Nail Hole Filler – Mahogany
SU711 Nail Hole Filler – Grey

SKU Description SKU Description
SU1201 A1 – 1/8″ Eye (200/Vial) SU1202 A2 – 1/4″ Eye (200/Vial)
SU1203 B1 – 3/8″ Eye (100/Vial) SU1204 B2 – 1/4″ Eye (100/Vial)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU99SUNIV-07HW 7MM Nails (Hardwood) SU99SUNIV-07SW 7MM Nails (Softwood)
SU99SUNIV-10HW 10MM Nails (Hardwood) SU99SUNIV-10SW 10MM Nails (Softwood)

SKU Description SKU Description
SU09-200 Wireless System (2 per pack) SU09-201 Bulk Hanging System (100)

SKU Description
SU0506 Bumpon Clear 200/pkg

SKU Description SKU Description
SU0500 ATG 1/2″ x 36 YDS #969 Tape SU0501 ATG 1/2″ x 36 YDS Tape
SU0501C ATG 1/2″ x 36 YDS (72 Rolls) SU0502 3M Dispenser Model 700
SU0504 Masking Tape 3/4″ SU0505 ATG 1/2″ x 60 YDS Tape
SU0505C ATG 1/2″ x 60 YDS (72 Rolls) SU508-PH7-70 Conservation Tape 1″
SUS2000 Framer’s Tape II SU1800 Mat Cleaning Pad
SU0402 Bundling Film 3″

SKU Description SKU Description
SUF541 Plastic Scoring Blade (10/Tube) APB-12 SUF03-712 Designer II Replacement Head
SU04-114 F3100 Measuring Stop SUF04-112 F3000 Measuring Stop
SUF04-622 F2100/2200 Measuring Stop SUF05-004 Utility/Rail Cutting Blades (100/box)
SUF05-715 F3100 Hardboard Cutting Wheel Set SUF07-200 FrameMate Tool
SU08-980 Stacked Glazier Points 3/8″ SUF08-975 MultiPoints (3000/box)
SUF09-515 PushMate Tool SUF0204 Steel Cutting Wheels (10/pkg)

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